Artificial Condition by Martha Wells

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Artificial Condition
Cover of Artificial Condition by Martha Wells
Author(s) Martha Wells
Published May 8, 2018
Genre(s) Science Fiction
Age group Adult

Artificial Condition by Martha Wells is an adult science fiction novella, originally published on May 8, 2018. It is the second book in The Murderbot Diaries.

Trigger Warnings

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  • Blood
  • Gun violence
  • Mind control
    Attempted, this time, although non-Murderbot androids are presumably still being mind-controlled constantly.
  • Murder
  • Murder attempts
  • Physical assault
  • Prostitution (mentioned)
    Of androids, who are dubiously able to consent since they are with few exceptions controlled by their governor modules.
  • Slavery (of androids)
  • Surgery
    Needing to avoid detection as a mass-manufactured android, main character undergoes surgery to alter its appearance, including making itself shorter.
  • Violence


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  • Polyamory