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Book Trigger Warnings, founded by Jenjenreviews and Bookrob13, is a site created to help readers find safer books.

The push for trigger warnings to be listed in books is not new and while some authors and publishers have listened, most have not. As a result, a lot of book reviewers have taken it upon themselves to personally add trigger and content warnings in their online reviews. The problem with this is that not everyone who is thinking about picking up a book will see these reviews and read these warnings.

Our goal here at BTW is to create a central place for readers to visit and check for specific triggers, tropes, and/or controversies that may keep them from picking up a book.

As mentioned both on our Main page and Disclaimers page, our website is far from perfect. We rely on community collaboration to keep our website up-to-date and running and as such, many triggers, tropes, and controversies are still missing from our pages. If you have recently read a book (or have a really good memory), please consider adding and editing our pages to help improve our reach.


Jenny and Rob