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This is the main template used for displaying the general book information on the top right of an article.

Here is a description of the parameters available and the default values they take on if nothing is specified (if applicable):

| title = The title of the book. Default: the name of the article
| author = The author of the book. Default: Unknown
| illustrator = The illustrator(s)/colorist(s) of the book.
| image = The name of the cover image of the book. Default: default.png
| published = The oldest publication date.
| publisher = The publisher.
| genres = The main genre(s) of this novel such as Horror, Science Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Poetry, etc. If multiple genres are needed, they should be separated with a <br> tag.
| agegroup = The age group of this novel. This should be Adult, New Adult, Young Adult, Middle Grade, Children's Fiction.

When no default is mentioned, the template does not display an entry for that data. Keep the lines for genre(s) and age group as succinct as possible.


Here are two sample uses of the template. If you would like to see more, most of our articles use this template.

A Song of Foo and Bar
Cover of InfoBox
Author(s) F. L. Theorem
Published February 28, 1999
Genre(s) Horror
Science Fiction
Age group Young Adult

| title = A Song of Foo and Bar
| author = F. L. Theorem
| image = default.png
| published = February 28, 1999
| genres = Horror<br>Science Fiction
| agegroup = Young Adult

The Red Crimson
No cover image available
Author(s) Jen Black
Publisher Grey Books
Genre(s) Thriller

| title = The Red Crimson
| author = Jen Black
| genres = Thriller
| publisher = Grey Books