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*Gay character
*Gay character
*Non-binary character
*Nonbinary character
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[[Category:Author-Provided TWs]]
[[Category:Author-Provided TWs]]
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The Valley and the Flood
Cover of The Valley and the Flood by Rebecca Mahoney
Author(s) Rebecca Mahoney
Published February 23, 2021
Publisher Razorbill
Genre(s) Fantasy
Age group Young Adult

The Valley and the Flood by Rebecca Mahoney is a young adult fantasy novel, originally published on February 23, 2021.

Trigger Warnings

Author-Provided Warnings

The following content note is included on the author's website:

THE VALLEY AND THE FLOOD contains depictions of anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder, including several scenes of panic attacks and a brief description of violent intrusive thoughts. There are also references to an off-page fatal car accident, as well as an on-page (non-fatal, non-graphic) car accident.

Additional Trigger Warnings

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An asterisk (*) indicates that the author openly identifies with that identity.

  • Gay character
  • Nonbinary character