What Beauty There Is by Cory Anderson

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What Beauty There Is
Cover of What Beauty There Is by Cory Anderson
Author(s) Cory Anderson
Published April 6, 2021
Publisher Roaring Brook Press
Genre(s) Thriller
Age group Young Adult

What Beauty There Is by Cory Anderson is a young adult thriller novel, originally published on April 6, 2021. It is the first book in the What Beauty There Is series.

Trigger Warnings

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  • Absent parent
  • Animal death (multiple)
    Includes a deer being shot to death with arrows, another deer and a dog being shot to death with a rifle
  • Blood
    Includes coughing up blood, bleeding from injuries
  • Child abuse
  • Dead parents
  • Death (graphic)
  • Drug use and drug dealing
  • Enclosed spaces
    Someone gets locked in a box and two people get locked in a cellar
  • Explosion
  • Fires
  • Gore
    Brain spilling out of someone's head
  • Hit and run (violent)
  • Gun violence (multiple)
  • Injections
  • Kidnapping
  • Mistreating the dead
    Dead person gets dropped
  • Money difficulties
  • Murder
  • Neglect
  • Robbery (mentioned)
  • Sewing up wounds
    Nullet wound, stab wound, cut
  • Stabbing
  • Suicide
  • Violence (graphic)
    Sticking a pencil into someone's arm, getting tied up


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