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Welcome to Book Trigger Warnings, a site dedicated to helping readers feel more prepared, better informed, and safer with their books.

This site was created as a wiki in order to allow everyone in the Book Community to contribute to our efforts. If you are familiar with warnings/tropes/rep for a specific book, please add them here! It should be noted that on BTW, we use the words "trigger warnings" and "content warnings" to be synonymous, despite several nuances between the two.

This is a community wiki and as such, SOME WARNINGS WILL BE MISSED. We are not medical/psychological professionals and do not claim that our pages are complete or accurate. Just because a book "looks safe" for you on our site does not guarantee that it is. Please read our Disclaimers page for more information.

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Creating a Page

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Helpful Tips

  • We have a tutorial series on YouTube with some useful "how-to" videos.
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  • An up-to-date list of our recognized tropes can be found here. If you would like to add a trope, feel free!
  • A non-comprehensive list of possible triggers can be found here.
  • A master list of all books on BTW can be found here
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