Blood Lite II: Overbite edited by Kevin J. Anderson

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Blood Lite II: Overbite
Cover of Blood Lite II: Overbite edited by Kevin J. Anderson
Author(s) Kevin J. Anderson (editor)
Published September 11, 2010
Publisher Gallery Books
Genre(s) Fantasy
Age group Adult

Blood Lite II: Overbite edited Kevin J. Anderson, and contributed to by Joel A. Sutherland, Daniel Pyle, Kelley Armstrong, Don D'Ammassa, Lucien Soulban, John R. Little, L.A. Banks, Mark Onspaugh, Jordan Summers, Mike Baron, Edward Bryant, Brian J. Hatcher, Aaron Polson, D.L. Snell, Sam W. Anderson, Allison Brennan, Sharyn McCrumb, Eric James Stone, Amy Sterling Casil, Nancy Kilpatrick, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Derek Clendening, Mike Resnick, Lezli Robyn, Steve Rasnic Tem, Jeff Strand, Janis Ian, Heather Graham, Jeff Ryan, J.A. Konrath, Christopher Welch, and Scott Nicholson is an anthology of adult fantasy horror short stories, originally published on September 11, 2010. It is book 2 in the Blood Lite series.

It contains the following short stories:

  • Dark Carbuncle by Kevin J. Anderson and Janis Ian
  • Death and Taxes by Heather Graham
  • Table for Two by Jeff Ryan
  • Treatment by J. A. Konrath
  • Dead Clown Se´ance by Christopher Welch
  • The Day the Devil Swallowed a Heapin' Helpin' of Pride at the Beaulahville Gospel Jubilee by Scott Nicholson
  • Piecemaker by Don D'Ammassa
  • Good Breeding by Lucien Soulban
  • Tails by John R. Little
  • Dog Tired (of the Drama!) by L. A. Banks
  • A Sweet Girl for Todd by Mark Onspaugh
  • Tastes Like Chicken by Jordan Summers
  • Presumptuous Beast Throws Sumptuous Feast by Mike Baron
  • Bad German by Edward Bryant
  • The Halloween War by Brian J. Hatcher
  • Oh, the Ho-Ho Horror by Joel A. Sutherland
  • The Unfortunate Persistence of Harold Francis Beamish by Aaron Polson
  • Dick and Larry by D. L. Snell
  • Son of . . . a Bitch! by Sam W. Anderson
  • Her Lucky Day by Allison Brennan
  • A Wing and a Prayer by Sharyn McCrumb
  • Barewolf by Daniel Pyle
  • American Banshee by Eric James Stone
  • The Epicurean by Amy Sterling Casil
  • The Ghoul Next Door by Nancy Kilpatrick
  • Daycare of the Damned by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
  • Season Ticket by Derek Clendening
  • The Close Shave by Mike Resnick and Lezli Robyn
  • Shaggy Dog Story by Steve Rasnic Tem
  • Eight-Legged Vengeance by Jeff Strand
  • Lucifer's Daughter by Kelley Armstrong (Book 9.5 in the Otherworld Stories series)

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