Blood Lite edited by Kevin J. Anderson

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This article is about the book. For the series, see Blood Lite by Kevin J. Anderson (series).

Blood Lite
Cover of Blood Lite edited by Kevin J. Anderson
Author(s) Kevin J. Anderson (editor)
Published October 21, 2008
Publisher Gallery Books
Genre(s) Fantasy

Blood Lite edited by Kevin J. Anderson, and contributed to by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Nancy Kilpatrick, Jeff Strand, Don D'Ammassa, Charlaine Harris, Sharyn McCrumb, Steven Savile, Jim Butcher, J.A. Konrath, F. Paul Wilson, Will Ludwigsen, Janet Berliner, Kelley Armstrong, Mike Resnick, Joe R. Lansdale, Lucien Soulban, D.L. Snell, Christopher Welch, Nancy Holder, Eric James Stone, Matt Venne, and Mark Onspaugh is an anthology of fantasy romance short stories, originally published on October 21, 2008. It is book 1 in the Blood Lite series.

It contains the following short stories:

  • The Ungrateful Dead by Kelley Armstrong (Book 8.2 in the Otherworld Stories series)
  • Mr. Bear by Joe R. Lansdale
  • Hell in a Handbasket by Lucien Soulban
  • The Eldritch Pastiche from Beyond the Shadow of Horror by Christopher Welch
  • Elvis Presley and the Bloodsucker Blues by Matt Venne
  • No Problem by Don D'Ammassa
  • Old School by Mark Onspaugh
  • The Sound of Blunder by J. A. Konrath and F. Paul Wilson
  • An Evening with Al Gore by Charlaine Harris
  • Dead Prudence by Steven Savile
  • A Good Psycho Is Hard to Find by Will Ludwigsen
  • High Kicks and Misdemeanors by Janet Berliner
  • PR Problems by Eric James Stone
  • Where Angels Fear to Tread by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Book 0.5 in the Hellchasers series)
  • A Very Special Girl by Mike Resnick
  • Love Seat Solitaire by D.L. Snell
  • I Know Who You Ate Last Summer by Nancy Holder
  • Bitches of the Night by Nancy Kilpatrick
  • The Bell...FROM HELL!!! by Jeff Strand
  • Dead Hand by Sharyn McCrumb
  • Day Off by Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files series)

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