Foul Is Fair by Hannah Capin

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Foul Is Fair
Cover of Foul Is Fair by Hannah Capin
Author(s) Hannah Capin
Published February 18, 2020
Publisher Wednesday Books
Genre(s) Contemporary Fiction
Age group Young Adult

Foul Is Fair by Hannah Capin is a young adult contemporary novel, originally published on February 18, 2020. It is the first book in the Foul Is Fair series.

Trigger Warnings

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Author-Provided Warnings

The following content advisory is on the author's website:

the primary thematic material of FOUL IS FAIR centers on sexual assault (not depicted), rape culture, and violence. additionally, the book includes an abusive relationship, a suicide attempt, and a brief scene with transphobic bullying. for a more detailed description of sensitive content, continue reading. these notes will contain spoilers for FOUL IS FAIR.

  • sexual assault, rape, rape culture, gender-based violence:
    this content is integral to FOUL IS FAIR and is referenced in nearly every chapter. assault is not depicted on the page, but there are a number of flashbacks that may be upsetting to some readers. if you are not comfortable with material that closely examines sexual trauma, FOUL IS FAIR will not be a safe book for you.
  • abusive relationship:
    two major characters in FOUL IS FAIR are involved in a relationship that is physically, sexually, and emotionally abusive. this element is present throughout the book. physical abuse is not depicted, but is alluded to and shown in aftermath. the relationship is challenged and the individual experiencing abuse ultimately escapes her abusive partner.
  • physical violence, gore, murder:
    many chapters and scenes throughout FOUL IS FAIR depict on-page physical violence. various characters contemplate and commit violent acts including murder. more than one murder includes gore. the narrative of the book condones violence as a means of vigilante justice.
  • bullying and transphobia:
    several brief scenes reference childhood bullying. one scene portrays potentially lethal bullying (chapter title: CONFESSION). another scene portrays transphobic bullying (chapter title: LAIR); this ideology is challenged immediately and the trans character maintains her agency throughout.
  • suicide:
    there are two brief scenes portraying a suicide attempt (chapter title: BLOOD) and its aftermath (chapter title: MOURNING). the attempt is not part of larger suicidal ideation and does not result in death. one additional scene suggests the possibility of a suicide attempt (chapter title: RED).
  • substance abuse:
    throughout FOUL IS FAIR, various underage characters consume alcohol and smoke marijuana. there are direct and indirect references to prescription drug abuse and cocaine. characters discuss buying and selling drugs, including recreational drugs as well as roofies/rohypnol.
  • vigilantism and revenge:
    FOUL IS FAIR presents and narratively condones revenge and vigilante justice.

Additional Trigger Warnings

  • Blood
  • Death
  • Slut-shaming


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