In Strange Woods by Claire Cray

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In Strange Woods
Cover of In Strange Woods by Claire Cray
Author(s) Claire Cray
Published August 28, 2020
Genre(s) Romance
Age group Adult

In Strange Woods by Claire Cray is an adult romance novel, originally published on August 28, 2020.

Trigger Warnings

Author-Provided Warnings

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Mental Health

  • Grief, depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation
    James is struggling with his mental health after losing his family. In Chapter 1, he briefly mentions that he’s had suicidal thoughts. Another character has lost a relative to suicide.

Substance Use

  • Alcohol
    When the story begins, James is abusing alcohol heavily. Two drinking binges occur on page in Chapter 1 and Chapter 9. James acknowledges the problem and drinks gradually less as the story progresses. (Milder instances of social drinking involving other characters appear in Chapters 5, 20, and 26.)
  • Prescription pills
    : James mentions having taken Xanax in Chapter 1, and in Chapter 10 briefly references having been “pilled up” at one point in the weeks following his loss.
  • Cannabis
    This story is set in Oregon, where the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis is legal and widely practiced. James and Hunter casually smoke cannabis in Chapters 5, 20, and 25.
  • Heroin
    A character flashes back to a time when he once smoked heroin as a teenager, was harshly reprimanded by a relative, and never did it again.


  • Murder
    James’s family was violently murdered in a home invasion. The murder methods are explained, though not in graphic detail.
  • Sexual abuse
    Hunter briefly references allegations of sexual abuse within the fundamentalist church to which his estranged family belongs.

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