Journey by salem knight

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Journey A Verdian Trilogy
Cover of Journey by salem knight
Author(s) Salem Knight
Published 2023
Publisher Amazon
Genre(s) Dark Romantic Fantasy
Age group 18+

Trigger Warnings

Content Warning:

This book explores several difficult themes such as war/conflicts, abuse, fantasy extreme violence, foul language, fantasy religion, graphic gore descriptions, discussions of miscarriage, death, and intimate consensual content.

Mental health topics such as PTSD, anxiety, suicidal ideation and depression are referenced and described.

Contains multiple explicit sex scenes. The chapters that have been starred reference sex scenes for reader comfort. If chosing to skip the scene, do not read past the first star located in the chapter. Pick up reading again at the next star.

Reader discretion is advised.


An asterisk (*) indicates that the author openly identifies with that identity.

  • they/them


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