My Glass is Runn by Die Booth

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My Glass is Runn
Cover of My Glass is Runn by Die Booth
Author(s) Die Booth
Published August 13, 2016
Genre(s) Horror
Age group Adult

My Glass is Runn by Die Booth is a collection of adult horror stories, originally published August 13, 2016.

Trigger Warnings

Author-Provided Warnings

The following warnings can be found on the author's website:

The Audsley Chimera – Animal experimentation, referenced animal death, mention of stranger danger, kidnapping, implied experimentation on a child.

Hearts of Gold – Curses, posthumous removal of teeth.

This is the Life – Zombies, missing persons.

The Dust Bunnies – Childhood fear, child death.

To be Heard – Death, carbon monoxide poisoning, loneliness.

Play Ball – Childhood bullying (with slight homophobia, no slurs), controlling parent, rats, drowning, corpses in water.

Waifs – Body image, food, implied eating disorder.

The Ghost Bride – Death, implied grave robbing. Please note that whilst this was carefully researched and I hope respectfully written, it was published before I became educated enough to leave writing about other cultures to authors belonging to those cultures.

Sphere Music – Characters laughing inappropriately at a disaster, apocalypse, mention of mass suicide, mental illness, self-injury.

Life Skills – AI decommissioning.

Don’t be Afraid of the Lights – Spiders, phobia, hypnotism.

Twice a Day with Water – Drug addiction, implied illness, implied mental illness, loneliness.

Maketh the Man – Drug use, memory loss due to substance use, zombies, manipulation.

The Fourth Ape – Animal death, taxidermy, human taxidermy, murder.

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