Spark by Sammy Reynolds

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Cover of Spark by Sammy Reynolds
Author(s) Sammy Reynolds
Published April 4, 2022
Genre(s) Fantasy Romance
Age group Adult

Spark by Sammy Reynolds is an adult, LGBT+ romance novel, originally published on April 4th 2022. It is the first book in the Savage Heat series.

Trigger Warnings

Author-Provided Warnings

The following warning can be found on the authors website:

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Tropes, general themes, and what you can expect:

  • Forced proximity on a road trip
  • “But there’s only one bed!”
  • Angsty but sweet (but not syrupy sweet)
  • Sunshine/grumpy
  • Alpha/alpha
  • Motorcycle club/Greaser gang
  • Set in the US in an alternate 80s timeline
  • One character is gay, one is bi
  • A small age gap (3 years)
  • The older MC’s a virgin
  • Hurt/comfort
  • Childfree characters
  • Coming to terms with internalized homophobia
  • Omegaverse with shifters and wereshifters
  • Mpreg is possible in this world, but male omegas are very rare. No mpreg in this book, but there is knotting.
  • Shifts occur via a quantum rift (there’s otherwise no magic or fantasy in this world)
  • Fated mates, but not mutually instantaneous
  • A happily ever after conclusion to the MCs’ romance (though their lives continue to develop in the background of later books)
  • No cheating
  • A found-family formed by the end of the story, develops throughout the series

Content advisory (ordered from least spoilery to most spoilery):

  • Explicit sexual content
  • Violence and mild gore
  • Bad language including: profanities, homophobia, misogyny
  • A generally homophobic society
  • Both MCs have oppressive families they’ve permanently cut off
  • One instance of alcohol use
  • One scene with junkies high on a fictional drug
  • One MC knows someone who killed themselves
  • One MC knows someone who was abused as a teen
  • Vague mention of rape and abuse of an off-page character
  • One MC made a suicide attempt in the past, has scars to show it, but no longer has any suicidal intentions
  • Aftermath shown of a violent hate crime
  • One MC takes conversion therapy medication for a time
  • One major character death (not a romantic lead)

Additional Trigger Warnings

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An asterisk (*) indicates that the author openly identifies with that identity.

  • MLM main characters
  • Bisexual main character
  • Gay main character
  • M/M romance
  • Dyslexic main character


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