Tell Me Anything by Skye Kilaen

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Tell Me Anything
Cover of Tell Me Anything by Skye Kilaen
Author(s) Skye Kilaen
Published September 2, 2021
Genre(s) Romance
Age group Adult

Tell Me Anything by Skye Kilaen is an adult romance novel, originally published on September 2, 2021. It is the first book in the Light Gets In series.

Trigger Warnings

Author-Provided Warnings

The following content warnings are listed on the author's website:

On-page or significant discussion:

  • Surprise breakup, gaslighting
  • Blackmail of closeted character
  • Biphobia (from secondary characters, and some internalized by main character)
  • Parental rejection due to sexual orientation, some with religious overtones
  • Secondary character accidentally outs someone (to a sympathetic person)
  • Economic hardship and loss of health insurance, forgoing prescriptions
  • Severe insomnia
  • Panic attack
  • Inebriation (several characters and instances)
  • Attempted abduction from nightclub
  • Minor non-sexual assault by a customer at workplace
  • Apartment fire (character is not in danger, does not see flames)
  • Accidental injury to face, emergency medical services, stitches
  • Brief concern that a secondary character may harm themself
  • Sex (explicit, Chapters 23 and 36)

In characters’ backstories, significant discussion:

  • Youth homelessness
  • Cheating (kisses only) by main character
  • Murder of an adult sibling
  • Closeted gay character in heterosexual marriage that led to divorce and hostility, abandonment of child by one parent with the other
  • High school friend was outed and sent by parents to religious program

Off-page or brief mention:

  • Past death of secondary character’s cousin from breast cancer
  • Off-page character with pre-eclampsia (positive outcome)
  • Light alcohol consumption at dinner party
  • Drug use by an adult sibling
  • Estranged parent suggests conversion therapy of teenager
  • Sudden mention of witnessing an act of violence

Additional Trigger Warnings

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