The Home I Find With You by Skye Kilaen

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The Home I Find With You
Cover of The Home I Find With You by Skye Kilaen
Author(s) Skye Kilaen
Published March 3, 2021
Genre(s) Romance
Age group Adult

The Home I Find With You by Skye Kilaen is an adult romance novel, originally published on March 3, 2021.

Trigger Warnings

Author-Provided Warnings

The following content warnings are listed on the author's website:

Despite the post-collapse setting, no animals are ever in danger, and there is no sexual assault and no threats thereof.

On-page or significant discussion:

  • Violence, including thefts, beatings and shootings, followed by hospital treatment that includes an IV.
  • Pursuit of violent lawbreakers with a goal of killing them, due to lack of robust criminal justice / rehabilitation system.
  • Disability after injury, character struggles with self-confidence, others’ perceptions, and economic anxiety.
  • Anxiety attack. Depression.
  • Grief over loss of a romantic partner, sibling, adult child.
  • Unexpected breakup (not between main characters).
  • Marijuana use. Alcohol use.
  • Sex, explicit, with D/s elements. Character almost goes into subspace during sex unplanned, which is undisclosed to partner until afterwards.
  • Forced migration due to climate change.
  • Death of minor secondary character.
  • Loss of teeth.

In main characters’ backstories, significant discussion:

  • A modern U.S. civil war sparked by right wing-violence, being a child soldier, losing parents, forced relocation, economic and food insecurity, emotional fallout of wartime experiences. Mention of bombing of Jewish synagogue. No extended flashbacks.
  • Large wildfires several years in the past leading to increased vigilance about fire. No fires or threats of fire during the book.
  • Bandit attack that killed multiple people and left a character with scars on hands and face and multiple characters with trauma and mental health needs, including one who was temporarily suicidal.
  • Accident that required surgery and a hospital stay with limited availability of painkillers, and treatment consumed most of family’s financial resources.
  • Parental divorce.

Additional Trigger Warnings

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An asterisk (*) indicates that the author openly identifies with that identity.

  • Polyamory
  • Open relationships