The Stage Manager by Viola Smart

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The Stage Manager
Cover of The Stage Manager by Viola Smart
Author(s) Viola Smart
Published September 25, 2019
Publisher Lemon Kiss Books
Genre(s) Contemporary Romance
Age group Adult

The Stage Manager by Viola Smart is an adult contemporary romance novel, originally published on September 25, 2019.

Trigger Warnings

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  • Addiction (drugs)
    Two characters in this novel are sober because their mother was a drug addict. One of these characters is addicted to cigarettes.
  • Child abuse
  • Depression
  • Homophobia/public outing
    This story takes place in a conservative county of Alabama. One of the characters being outed as bisexual becomes a professional liability. In addition to this, one of the characters was assaulted as a teenager, and her homosexuality was used as her attacker tried to rationalize the sexual abuse.
  • PTSD
    A character with PTSD goes through a dark patch and seeks help from her therapist.
  • Sexual assault
    One of the core characters has a history of sexual assault and a child resulting from these attacks. The actual assault is in the past and is not described in detail in the book, though the character vaguely recounts it. This character's mother also was pregnant at sixteen by someone much older, and while in the State of Alabama this is the age of consent, for many it would still be considered statutory rape.

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