From Book Trigger Warnings

The reduction of men and women to "xx" and "xy" is as scientifically defensible, and as hatefully ideologically motivated, as reducing the determination of who is and who is not "human" via relegating certain ethnicities to "throwbacks", "subhumans", "neanderthals" or "troglodytes" by examining their cheekbones or "cranial capacities".

So, here's the thing:

We transgender people have science, and scientists, and medical science, and psychiatry, and biology, and biologists, and our medical doctors on our side.

And bigots have a lot of people who are weaponising the Fallacy of Composition, platforming nonsense pseudo-science, and allying with theocratic queermisic, homomisic, transmisic violent fascists to demand that we are legally treated as subhuman, while repeating literal Nazi propaganda, being racist against aboriginal peoples and their cultures, and calling transgender people a cult.